Artistic and cultural itinerary: The big monuments

Saint Léger church - Pondel Roman bridge - Ozein and tornalla - Castle - Saint Léger

  • Suggested period: April - October
  • Departure/Arrival: Aymavilles (643 m.) Loc. Saint Léger church
  • Middle stops: Pont d'Ael (892 m.), Ozein (1369 m.) Aymavilles castle (650 m.)
  • Height difference: 726 m.

The itinerary on foot

  • Difficult: E - Excursion
  • Indicated tracks: 2, 2A, 8D and 8
  • Complete itinerary time: 4h00
  • Parking: near the Saint Léger church, along the road to Cogne, free parking.
  • By bus from Aosta: line n. 2 stop at Loc. Fournier
  • By bus from Cogne: line Aosta - Cogne stop at loc. Fournier

The excursion begins with a visit to the church of Saint Léger and the interesting crypt annexed to the facility.

Behind the Church, between the soccer field and the Microcommunity, is a trail that, following the edge of the channel for approximately 100 m, descends steeply over the bridge of the road that leads to Villeneuve. Passing the bridge on the river Grand-Eyvia, take a left, near a small building called Baracca Marèse, at the exit of mule-track No. 2. Arriving at the crossroads, pass No. 2 on the right toward the region of La Cote and continue on the left on itinerary No. 2A until reaching the navigable road that leads to the Seyssogne farmhouse. Entering the road toward the left, it now leaves it on the left, going around the wall of the building. The route continues inside the forest returning to the river. After having intersected the path coming from Camagne, you cross a small metal bridge, where it turns back steeply beside a rock wall and reaches a tunnel, made to cross the waterfall that is formed by the release of the waters from the reservoir above. At the exit, the route descends gently until arriving at the Roman bridge of the aqueduct of Pont d'Ael and the village of the same name.

Crossing the village of Pondel you enter a path that penetrates the dense forests on the orographic right of the valley and joins the SR47 for Cogne. Follow the road or a few hundred meters and on the left you enter a well-traveled route that leads to the village of Serignan from where you continue to Ozein. Here in the center of the village you may see the building called "Tornalla." From Ozein, follow, descending toward Aymavilles, trail No. 8 that you enter behind the church and arrives, passing through some moderately high alpine pastures, in the Champsolin region. From here, you pass the hamlets of the Roche and Bettex, on the right, to arrive at the imposing complex of the Castle of Aymavilles.

You can return to the church of Saint Léger along the SR for Cogne using the convenient pedestrian walkways.

The itinerary by car

  • Itinerary: SR 47 to Cogne
  • Time: 2h30

From the church of Saint Léger, continue along the SR in the direction Cogne for approximately 4 km, until seeing the signs, on your right, for the Hamlet of Pondel. You can leave your car in the free open parking at the beginning of the town limits.

After the visit, return to the regional road and continue for approximately 1 km always in the direction of Cogne. On the left, follow the fork toward Ozein, so leave your car in the piazza in front of the church and visit the hamlet on foot.

Descend along the same route toward Aymavilles, stopping in the Bettex region, where it is possible to leave the car near the castle.

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