Religious itinerary: The chapels

Montbel - Atoueyo Berrio Blan - Turlin - Ozein - Travesa - Comba Pouyeisa - Bettex - Montbel

  • Suggested period: April - October
  • Departure/Arrival: Aymavilles, Loc. Montbel (747 m.)
  • Middle stops: Turlin (1515 m.), Ozein (1369 m.)
  • Height difference: 768 m.

The itinerary on foot

Aymavilles: religious itinerary

  • Difficult: E - Excursion
  • Indicated tracks: 1, 8C and 8
  • Complete itinerary time: 3h30
  • Parking: Loc Montbel free parking.
  • By bus from Aosta: line n. 2 stop at Loc. Bettex, than continue by foot passing through Loc. Croux to Loc. Montbel
  • By bus from Cogne: line Aosta - Cogne stop at loc. Bettex, than continue by foot passing through Loc. Croux to Loc. Montbel

The itinerary is nothing more than the old path that the farmers of Aymavilles used to reach the alpine pastures. Given the popular beliefs linked to witches, fairies and supernatural events and the strong religiosity of the mountain-dweller, the long-used routes are studded with chapels, votive altars, kiosks and other symbols of protection against the forces of evil.

On reaching the Montbel region by car, enter itinerary n. 1 above the village on the forest side. After the first 15 minutes of travel, you arrive at the Berio Blan oratory crypt, where you can enjoy a splendid view over the center of the valley. The route continues, crossing the forest and leading to the hamlet of Turlin Dessous (Lower Turlin) and its panoramic basin. Passing the hamlet, you will find a cross-estate road that continues on the right, turning toward Turlin Dessus (Upper Turlin). In both hamlets, two charming chapels are found.

The route continues to descend toward the town limits of Ozein where you will see the little church in the center of the village. At the beginning of the road that leads to Ozein you may stop for a picnic at the edges of the lake above the road on the left slope. Next, descend following the sign No. 8  toward Aymavilles. Shortly after reaching the community road for the first time, the path passes under a small votive building placed at the arch located in the Travesa region. At the second crossing of the community road, you will note various niches on the limestone wall on the left in which votive statuettes were placed. Continue along the trail until reaching the alpine pastures called Noveilloz, at this point follow the cross-estate road that leads to the Poya region, where, before crossing the town limits you pass under another double altar called Comba Pouyeisa. On exiting the town limits follow SR 47 for approximately 200 m until reaching the trail on the opposite side that leads to Loc Campsolin; from here it descends, passing the town limits of La Roche and Bettex where other votive chapels are seen. From Loc Bettex again returns to Loc Croux, arriving to close the route in the Montbel region.

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