Sport and excursions in contact with nature

In Aymavilles, Aosta Valley, an ideal mountain vacation to enjoy your days with sport and excursions in contact with nature, surrounded by vineyards, orchards, fields, pastures and woods.

Gran Paradiso National Park

The Park is located between 800 and 4061 meters of the Gran Paradiso.


Rafting Aosta Valley
In Aymavilles the Dora is particularly suited for enjoyable water activities.

Traditional sports

There are many devotees of the traditional sports: rebatta and palet are practiced in Aymavilles.

Mountain bike

Itineraries along the valley bed and a ring rising up to Ozein, Turlin and Pila.


Mountain trekking
A landscape like that of Aymavilles has excellent trekking itineraries to offer.

Alpine ski

An itinerary that allows admiring the most beautiful heights of the Alps.

Cronoscalata of Leudze

The footrace leaves from Aymavilles and is held in the regional circuit of the Martze a pià.

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