Aymavilles typical products: where to buy

In Aymavilles, there is a wide number of typical products to buy: food and wine or traditional crafts of the Aosta Valley, such as sculptures, wood carvings, baskets, fabrics... To enjoy the mountain flavours, Aymavilles offers white and red wines, cheeses, honey, salami, apples...

All the products are available in the different shops of the village: you can find everything in Aymavilles...

Cave Cooperative Onze Communes


Wine production and sale; client welcome and product tasting.

This part of the Aosta Valley Region boasts a historic name recognized universally in the world of enology: Torrette. This name and this wine are linked to the political will of safeguarding viticulture.

Wines produced: Pinot Gris, Neretto or Malvoisie, Neyret, Petit Rouge, Vien de Nus, Cornalin, Fumin, Gros Rouge, Mayolet.

loc Urbains, 14
11010 Aymavilles (Ao)
Tel +39 0165 902912
Fax +39 0165 923833
Email info@caveonzecommunes.it


Les Crêtes

Wine production and sale; client welcome and product tasting.

The agricultural business Les Crêtes operates primarily in Aymavilles along the orographic axis of the Dora Baltea. The hill of Coteau La Tour is the most "precious" vineyard of the business. It can be admired from the exit of the Aosta west tollbooth, arriving from Turin.

Wines produced: Petite Arvine, Chardonnay Cuvée Bois and Le Blanc , Torrette, Pinot Noir, Fumin, Coteau La Tour Syrah and Le Rouge.

Loc Villetos, 50
11010 Aymavilles (Ao)
Tel: +39 0165 90 22 74
Fax: +39 0165 90 27 58
Cell: +39 335 80 95 650
Email: lescretes@vievini.it



Wine production and sale; client welcome and product tasting, prior agreement desirable.

The business plots destined for vineyards, divided into various small sections of land of dimensions that vary from 1,000 to 3,000 sq.m. apiece, for a total surface area equal to 20,000 sq.m., are all located at altitudes varying between 600 - 650 m.s.l.m., with East - West orientation of the rows.

The production of the business exceeds 20,000 bottles, divided among wines such as Fumin and Torrette.

Fernanda Saraillon
loc Urbains, 8
11010 Aymavilles (Ao)
Tel +39 0165 90 25 50
Fax +39 0165 90 21 42
Cell +39 335 56 31 448
Email: atoueyo@vievini.it


Gerbelle Didier

Wine production and sale; client welcome and product tasting, prior agreement desirable.

Didier, the current owner, on the force of a long-standing passion, dedicates much of his time and studies to the oenology sector. The evaluation of the local vinestocks has always been the primary objective of the business.

The winery successfully produces Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer, native wines like Petit Rouge, Broblanc, Fumin and Premetta.

Gerbelle Didier
loc Cheriettes, 20
11010 Aymavilles (Ao)
Tel/Fax +39 0165 902091
Cell +39 339 8433452
E-mail gerbelle@hotmail.it

Maison Agricole Teppex Manuel

Wine production and sale; client welcome and product tasting, prior agreement desirable.

He currently produces 3000 bottles of Gamay DOC. Along with the Gamay, there is a "Torrette" of ancient local origins with a special wild rose fragrance. The limited quantity of production is entirely absorbed by private individuals.

Manuel takes personal care of the beehives owned by the family and from these he extracts the delicate mountain honey that he makes available to his customers.

Teppex Manuel
Loc Dialley, 12
11010 Aymavilles (Ao)
Tel +39 0165 902370
Cell +39 329 1536864

Market Belley

Mini market; annual opening.

Well-provided market. The owner gives special attention to the products quality. It's possible to buy a wide number of typical products, particularly the well-known Aymavilles wines. Available large parking.

Wines can be bought at production price.

Market Belley e c. snc
loc Glassier, 3
11010 Aymavilles (Ao)
Tel +39 0165 902368

Other markets

  • Alimentari Belley Luciano
    Loc. Bettex, 16
    11010 Aymavilles (Ao)
    Tel +39 0165 902115
  • Alimentari Borney Renzo
    Loc Foillex, 15
    11010 Aymavilles (Ao)
    Tel +39 0165 902541

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